What is SOCA?

Supporters of Camp Archbald is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our mission is an association of Girl Scouts that seeks to support and preserve Camp Archbald for Girl Scouting. Sign up for our monthly newsletter!

As Girl Scouts, alumni, friends and supporters, we are concerned about GSHPA decisions and recommendations regarding Camp Archbald – specifically, utilization, the sale of acreage, planned demolition of camp buildings, and the lack of programming at Camp Archbald.

10,000 alumni signed a petition in a few weeks in January 2018 to protest the sale of Camp Archbald!

Our goals are:

To promote clear, open, and honest communication between Girl Scout membership, the board and administration of GSHPA.

To encourage, promote, and provide increased quality programming at the camp.

To prevent the sale of camp land.

To preserve Camp Archbald acreage for Girl Scout use for the safety of all concerned.

To protect and repair historic camp properties.

To reach out to alumni and scouts for assistance in supporting and protecting Camp Archbald.

To plan for the 100th Anniversary celebration of Camp Archbald in 2020.

To meet these goals, we need:

Clear, open, and honest communication with the board and administration of GSHPA.

Accurate accounting of the costs to operate Camp Archbald, including deferred maintenance costs. This will help us plan to meet those needs.

Accurate statistics of camp usage. This will help us to determine how to increase usage of camp to meet GSHPA usage goals.

To raise funds, both directly and with council support, to support Camp Archbald.

We are concerned about:

Over $3 million in gas lease royalties have been collected by GSHPA from Camp Archbald, but no specific funds have been set aside for the camp.

The impact of the closure of camp on the local community.

We believe that many girls would not be able to attend camp without Camp Archbald. We want every girl to have the best outdoor opportunities possible.


Our committees are always looking for help. Check out our list of SoCA Committees as of 6.5.19 and contact the person in charge to see how you can help!

Leaders of SoCA

Nicole Morristell

Vice President
Eileen Head

Gail Rees

Jamie Puchalski

SoCA Committees

Finance – BM Stevens – financeforsoca@gmail.com

MarComm – Emily Loder – mediaforsoca@gmail.com

Research and History – Holly Legate – researchforsoca@gmail.com

Property – Pat Acker – propertyforsoca@gmail.com

Usage – Olivia Bernardi – usageforsoca@gmail.com

Membership -Emily Loder – membershipforsoca@gmail.com

Program – Lydia Surridge – programforsoca@gmail.com

Fundraising – Vacant – fundraisingforsoca@gmail.com

Legal – Deb Toye-Sweppenheiser and Eileen Head – legalforsoca@gmail.com

Resident Camp – Jamie Puchalski – residentcampforsoca@gmail.com