What is SOCA?

Supporters of Camp Archbald is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our mission is an association of Girl Scouts that seeks to support and preserve Camp Archbald for Girl Scouting.

Update: As of July 29th, 2020, Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA, owners of Camp Archbald, have announced that Camp Archbald is no longer under review and camp has been saved from being sold! Read the official decision announcement here. Read SoCA’s press release regarding the decision here.

Supporters of Camp Archbald (SoCA) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that future Girl Scouts, along with alumni, supporters, families and the surrounding community, have access to the amazing opportunities and resources that camp has to offer. We exist to ensure that Camp Archbald remains the beautiful and historic property it is today.

When news spread in January 2018 that there was a possible sale of Camp Archbald, 10,000 alumni signed a petition in a few weeks. Some of those alumni are now members of SoCA and help with tasks to ensure continued usage and function of the camp.


Read our 2021 Annual Report here!

Our goals are:

  • To promote clear, open, and honest communication between Girl Scout membership, the board and administration of GSHPA.
  • To encourage, promote, and provide increased quality programming at the camp.
  • To prevent the sale of camp land. (Check! Effective 7/29/20)
  • To preserve Camp Archbald acreage for Girl Scout use for the safety of all concerned.
  • To protect and repair historic camp properties.
  • To reach out to alumni and scouts for assistance in supporting and protecting Camp Archbald.
  • To plan for the 100th Anniversary celebration of Camp Archbald in 2020. (Check! Completed 9/18/21)

To meet these goals, we need:

  • Clear, open, and honest communication with the board and administration of GSHPA.
  • Accurate accounting of the costs to operate Camp Archbald, including deferred maintenance costs. This will help us plan to meet those needs.
  • Accurate statistics of camp usage. This will help us to determine how to increase usage of camp to meet GSHPA usage goals.
  • To raise funds, both directly and with council support, to support Camp Archbald.

We are concerned about:

  • Over $3 million in gas lease royalties have been collected by GSHPA from Camp Archbald, but no specific funds have been set aside for the camp.
  • The impact of the closure of camp on the local community.
  • We believe that many girls would not be able to attend camp without Camp Archbald. We want every girl to have the best outdoor opportunities possible.
  • Our committees are always looking for help. Check out our list of SoCA Committees as of 11.17.21 contact the person in charge to see how you can help!

Leaders of SoCA

Nicole Morristell

Vice President
Eileen Head

Gail Rees

Jamie Puchalski

SoCA Contacts

Finance – Vacant – financeforsoca@gmail.com

MarComm – Emily Loder – mediaforsoca@gmail.com

Research and History – Noah Penny – researchforsoca@gmail.com

Property – Pat Acker – propertyforsoca@gmail.com

Membership – April Caruso – membershipforsoca@gmail.com

Program/Events – Holly Legate – programforsoca@gmail.com

Fundraising – Vacant – fundraisingforsoca@gmail.com

Legal – Eileen Head – legalforsoca@gmail.com

Resident Camp – Jamie Puchalski – residentcampforsoca@gmail.com

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

  • Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held regularly and, at least, four (4) times per year. Special meetings may be called and held at any time by the Board of Directors, upon written or electronic request
  • Provides the overall direction/structure/responsibility for SOCA
  • Makes final decisions
  • Appoints committees
  • Appoints new board members
  • Amends or repeal bylaws or adopt new bylaws
  • Approves any transaction

Executive Officers

  • Consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and a committee chair
  • The executive committee may convene as needed to respond to current operational requests and corporate functions.  These decisions are binding on behalf of the board
  • Provides guidance with tax reporting, annual strategic plan/calendar, meeting, agendas, etc.

Committee Chairs

  • Provides the direction and leadership for their committee
  • Meets or communicates monthly with their respective committees
  • Gives status of monthly activities to the board
  • Should demonstrate interconnectivity between and among the other committees
  • Meets every other month with the executive officers
  • Not necessarily a board member


  • Oversaw by a chair, who reports back to the SoCA Board of Directors
  • Meets or communicates monthly or more as needed
  • Committee meetings are where work gets discussed/planned/connected
  • Members are not necessarily board members

General Meetings

  • Meets every other month
  • Purpose is to connect new members/awareness for committees/events
  • Each committee gives an update and report – share 2 months of events coming/annual calendar updates, be transparent about our efforts (funds, how we work)

SoCA Committees

 Committee Chair Criteria

  • Must properly represent SoCA and adhere to our purpose/mission
  • Must be current registered GS, with appropriate clearances – GSHPA requires them for camping and especially being around troops
  • Must understand the scope and work of their respective committee; Must agree to work with and understand all of the other committees and how we can support each other
  • Must have strong organization and communication skills. Your fellow committee members must understand their involvement and not step on the toes of other committees
  • Must communicate ideas/concepts/fundraisers of their respective committee to SoCA Officers and fellow committee chairs BEFORE sharing with the SoCA membership
  • Must attend monthly meetings or appoint a representative

 Committee Member Criteria

  • Must properly represent SoCA and adhere to our purpose/mission
  • Should consider registering as a Girl Scout, with appropriate clearances – GSHPA requires them for camping and especially being around troops
  • Must understand the scope and work of their respective committee; must agree to work with and understand all of the other committees and how we can support each other
  • Must understand their involvement and not step on the toes of other committees
  • Must communicate ideas/concepts/fundraisers to their respective committee chair, BEFORE implementing or sharing with the SoCA membership

Finance Chair – Vacant
Email: financeforsoca@gmail.com
Works directly with the Treasurer

  • Serves as a double-check in the finance record keeping
  • Promotes financial transparency
  • Keeps a separate log of the financial transactions
  • Serves as the first step in the reimbursement/finance approval process; receives the finance forms, records them, signs off, passes them along to the Treasurer
  • Writes/updates the ‘Finance and Fundraising Policies and Procedures’

Marketing and Communications – Emily Loder
Email: mediaforsoca@gmail.com
Preferred method of contact: mediaforsoca@gmail.com

  • To manage and maintain all social media outlets including but not limited to the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • To monitor, record and share important news features about Camp Archbald and SoCA
  • To create promotional materials for distribution and oversee all public statements on behalf of SoCA
  • Responsible for drafting communications, official correspondences, public statements, etc. on behalf of SOCA for distribution to the public.
  • Process all internal publicity requests from members to advertise upcoming events
  • Produce a monthly digital newsletter and quarterly paper newsletter
  • Keep an updated budget of expenses
  • Work with the camp committee to design and distribute resident camp postcards, camp guide and flyers

Research and History – Noah Penny
Email: researchforsoca@gmail.com
Preferred method of contact: researchforsoca@gmail.com

  • Obtain historical information about Camp Archbald, the camp’s connections to the purpose and growth of Girl Scouting, and the overall place of Camp Archbald in the broader history of the Girl Scout camping movement
  • Provide support to other committees in obtaining documents that demonstrate the reasons the camp was founded, the aims of the original council, Scranton Pocono Council, in growing and maintaining the property, and the value of preserving that property for future generations of girls
  • Create a digital archive preserving copies of documents and photographs that relate to Camp Archbald

Property – Pat Acker
Email: propertyforsoca@gmail.com
Preferred method of contact: packer@echoes.net

  • Based on an engineering review of the waste water systems and various buildings at camp, in partnership with GSHPA, develop a multi-year maintenance plan based on conservation and sustainability principles
  • In partnership with GSHPA, use local contractors and volunteers to implement plan
  • In partnership with GSHPA, local land trusts and government agencies, pursue conservation easement alternatives for the proposed property sale
  • In the future, help organize an infrastructure study, with emphasis on electrical needs/issues at camp
  • Consider the creation of an adopt a unit maintenance plan
  • Consider the creation of a camp welcoming committee for those who rent camp

Events/Program – Holly Legate
Email: programforsoca@gmail.com

  • To create/implement/support any and all programs that will benefit Camp Archbald, including camporees, events, overnights, summer camps, etc.
  • To find and manage volunteers for SoCA led programs and events
  • Consists of 3 sub-committees:
    1. Outreach – to troops and service units
                   2. Resident Camp – to create and implement week(s) long resident camp programs open to all girls (Jamie Puchalski) residentcampforsoca@gmail.com
                   3. Older Girl – plan and organize events and activities specifically aimed at older girls

Membership – April Caruso
Email: membershipforsoca@gmail.com

  • To maintain the master membership list of SoCA
  • To assist SoCA by attending events (in person and virtual) for enrolling new members
  • Maintain all paper and digital mailing lists for newsletters
  • Approve, monitor and contact Facebook member requests

Fundraising – Vacant
Email: fundraisingforsoca@gmail.com

  • To create and execute fundraising plans for the long and short term financial goals of SoCA
  • To organize and oversee campaigns and solicitations
  • To create fundraising forms and policies

Legal – Eileen Head
Email: legalforsoca@gmail.com
Preferred method of contact: head@epix.net

  • Handle items related to organizational structure, i.e. establishment of Supporters of Camp Archbald as a 501(c)(3) and PA state tax exempt status
  • Review procedures and annual checks to maintain federal and state status

    Approved 11/17/2021 NM