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(D) Daisy – entering 1st – 3rd grade
(B) Brownie – entering 2nd or 3rd grade
(J) Junior – entering 4th or 5th grade
(C) Cadette – entering 6th – 8th grade
(S) Senior – entering 9th or 10th grade
(A) Ambassador – entering 11th or 12th grade

Taste of Camp | July 10-12 | D B | $150
Full, Waitlist only.
Give your camper a chance to experience camp for the first time. Taste of Camp offers a little bit of everything from swimming, to arts and crafts and learning songs. She’ll love her first Taste of Camp so much, she’ll want to come back for “another bite” next year!

Silly Science | July 10-15 | B | $250
From snacks to goo to egg in a shoe, scientists learn new things and have fun too. Put your heads together to think up some new experiments and maybe even make an explosion! You can be a scientist anywhere, even at camp.

Disney Magic | July 17-22 | B | $250
Bring your Disney gear and explore the magical world of camp. Learn archery like Merida, swim like Ariel, take a nature hike like Pocahontas, and even learn martial arts like Raya. You will also vote on your favorite Disney movie to watch! It’s sure to be a magical week at camp.

S’mores and More | July 13-15 | J | $150
This fun-filled 2-night camp is designed for both first timers and returning campers. From songs, to canoeing, hiking and games – come experience all that camp has to offer. Don’t forget about the s’mores. You’ll get to take part in a gourmet s’mores challenge – yummy!

Giddy Up | July 10-15 Full, waitlist only, July 17-22 Full, waitlist only | J | $395
No one loves horses more than SoCA! Girls will make their way to a horse stable to groom, ride and take care of horses. Break out your boots and jeans, it’s time to go horseback riding! Maximum of 10 girls.

Take the Stage | July 10-15 | J | $275
Shine bright and show off your talents this week. Learn some basic dance steps, practice acting, and learn some new songs. Warm up your imagination and use props to play improv games. Then put everything together to create a performance for all of camp to enjoy!

Whip it Up | July 10-15 | J | $300
Put on your chef’s hat and get ready to chop, mix, measure, and bake as you create food delights. Discover new ways to cook, unusual ingredients, and a whole lot of fun! Bring your appetite because it’s sure to be a tasty week at camp.

ARTventure | July 17-22 | J | $275
What do you get when you combine adventure and art? It’s a week of ARTventure. You might make a work of art at the archery range, paint on the lake, or create something from nature as camp gets colorful. Let nature be your inspiration for your art at camp.

Awesome Animals | July 17-22 | J | $250
Come and explore the animals of camp. Spend your week looking for signs of animals, take part in animal charades, and even see what fish you can catch in the lake! Learn about local habitats and how to take care of the camp ecosystem. Enjoy a week filled with animal fun!

Archbald School for Witchcraft and Wizardry| July 10-15 | C S | $275
Full. Waitlist only.
Leave the Muggles behind and enter the wizarding world of Archbald. Learn potions, practice quidditch, and try your hand at herbology. Compete in a Tri-Wizard tournament and even hunt for horcruxes throughout camp. Do you have what it takes to turn your summer into MAGIC?

Horsin’ Around | July 10-15 Full, waitlist only, July 17-22 | C S | $395
Jump in the saddle for a horse program that’s just right for you! Learn to groom, tack and ride the horses during your week at camp. Do you know all the parts of the saddle or bridle? Join us to find out! Maximum of 10 girls.

Climb On | July 17-22 | C S | $350 Full, waitlist only.
If you love the climbing wall, then this week is for you. Learn the ins and outs of climbing. Practice your knots, work on team belaying, and of course “climb on!” You’ll then get the change to climb at an outdoor ropes course (weather permitting) or an indoor rock wall. Climb away! Needs a minimum of 10 girls.

Folk Art Fun | July 17-22 | C S | $275
Ever wonder what girls did generations ago? Take a stroll through the past as you learn about the folk arts. Try your hand at embroidery or candle-making. Create art through pottery or maybe even experiment with whittling. Find out how fun the folk arts can be!

Back in the Saddle | July 10-15 Full, waitlist only, 17-22 Full, waitlist only | C S | $415
Have you ridden horses before and can’t wait to do it again? This program is for experienced riders who want to get back in the saddle. Girls will travel to a nearby stable for 5 days of lessons in riding and horsemanship, while still having time to experience all the fun of camp. Girls MUST have at least 3 hours of lesson time in the saddle and experience walking and trotting on a horse. Maximum of 10 girls.

Pioneer Cooking | July 17-22 | C S | $325
Take a step back in time and explore foods from long ago. Try recipes that survived the Oregon Trail. Experiment with making your own jerky and even try foraging for snacks. Cook one meal every day over an open fire and discover how adventurous pioneer cooking can be.

Hearty Hikers| July 10-22 | C S | $600
If you love hiking, then this program is for you! Spend your first week at camp loading a pack, hiking the trails, and enjoying the lake. You’ll plan all your meals for week 2 when you head away from camp into the wilderness. Enjoy the sunshine and nature as you hike through state parks and Watkins Glen.

Water World | July 10-15 | S A | $300
From fresh water to salt water, there’s water every where! If you love the water, this week is for you. Spend the week at camp enjoying the lake – from boating to swimming to fishing. Pending good weather, girls will visit a waterpark. Must have 8 girls to run, maximum of 10. Girls must be a green cap or above.

CIT 1 | July 10-22 | S A | $525
Are you ready to take that next step as a leader? Have you been attending Camp Archbald forever and are ready to lead? CITs learn core leadership skills to use both in and out of camp. Work with campers and staff to learn aspects of leadership. Must be entering 10th grade or above. Minimum of 2 girls, maximum of 8 girls.

CIT 2 | July 10-22 | A | $525
Take your leadership skills to the next level. Put into practice everything you learned in CIT 1 and get ready to take on more responsibilities. Spend more time in the units, explore the specialty areas, and plan and run your own evening electives. Must be entering 11th grade and have completed CIT 1. Minimum of 2 girls, maximum of 8 girls.

Camp Staff Intern (CSI) | July 10-15, July 17-22 | A | $100 for one week or $200 for 2 weeks
Spend the week assigned to a unit. Assist the Unit Counselor with all aspects of running programs with girls. Help campers have a great week at camp. Must be entering 12th grade and have completed a previous Counselor-In-Training program. Option of attending for one or two weeks.