When you submit the registration form through CampDoc you are required to pay a deposit of $25. If you are not currently a registered Girl Scout, you need to pay the $25 membership fee in addition to your campers’ program fee.

Pay for campers with one (or more) of the methods listed below:

1. Pay for camper via credit card on CampDoc (preferred method of SoCA). All payments for camp can be made with CampDoc.

2. Pay for campers via check – You can pay via ACH on CampDoc, which is preferred, or send it in the mail.
Made payable to Supporters of Camp Archbald, note name of camper in memo.
Mail to Supporters of Camp Archbald
PO Box 22 Mehoopany, PA 18629

3. Go!Dough, Contact GSHPA. Council will then pay SoCA. Dough cannot be used for deposit! Please contact council at 717-497-7787 or 800-692-7816 to ensure funds are paid on time.

4. Cookie Incentive – If a camper sells 2,000 boxes of cookies, she can get a $250 credit towards camp. Contact GSHPA for details.

Questions? E-mail residentcampforsoca@gmail.com

Financial Aid

SoCA has limited scholarship funds. Inquire by emailing residentcampforsoca@gmail.com.

You can also apply through Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA. Contact Member Services at 800-692-7816 or e-mail MemberServices@gshpa.org

Not all financial aid requests are granted.