This form is for adults (18+ years) who wish to volunteer at camp. Plans confirmed to come to camp? Check out the packing list!

Do not refresh the form. If you do, all your data will be lost. If you want to volunteer at resident camp 2023, please fill out this form. Submitting an application does not guarantee placement at camp. Resident camp is July 9-14 and 16-21. All camp staff need to have all background clearances on file with GSHPA. Volunteers are required to be registered Girl Scouts. If you are not currently registered, you will need to pay a $25 fee. Questions? Contact us Once you fill out the volunteer application, please fill out the staff medical form found at
Week 1 July 9-14
Week 2 July 17-22
Please note that all volunteers who have family members attending camp will not be staying in the same unit as their immediate family members.
If the answer is yes, please describe accomodations.
NOTE: This will require a driver’s license.